Tomasz Licak
Saxophonist | Composer
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December 14, 2018 | 20:00
The Ears / Kawałek Podłogi
Kawałek Podłogi
Piastowska 21, 75-400 Koszalin
Tickets: 25 zł – 30 zł
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"Wielka Płyta"
The Ears
The Ears (2018)
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Trouble Hunting
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The Beat Freaks
Gateway Music (2017)
"The Zombie Chords"
ForTune (2016)
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Tomasz Licak / Radek Wosko Quartet
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Simon Krebs
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Tomasz Licak Sextet
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Licak/Tuźnik Quintet feat. Anders Mogensen
Blackout (2010)
"Last Call"
The Outbreak Quartet
JazzForum (2010)
Simon Krebs
Calibrated (2009)
Gateway Music (2009)
Born in 1986 in north-western polish town Szczecin, Tomasz Licak is a composer and award -winning jazz saxophonist. At the age of 19 moved to Denmark to study music. Graduated form Carl Nielsen Academy of Music in Odense (Denmark) in 2012 with a Master in jazz composition. In 2015 accomplished The Advanced Postgraduate Programme at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.

From the very beginning of his studies in Danmark, Tomasz was under huge inspiration of great musicians from Scandinavia and artists who often visited northern countries, giving concerts and workshops. The wide range of educational possibilities and direct contact with the worlds famous musicians gave him the great opportunity to build a solid foundation of his artistic expression.

Already during his studies in Danmark, he started to tour with danish musicians in Europe, leading and co-leading groups such as: Trouble Hunting, Kran, Tomasz Licak/Artur Tuźnik Quintet and Tomasz Licak/Radek Wośko Quartet (Entrails United) and also as a sideman in a variety of projects led by international musicians.

Gaining experience alongside the best resulted in awards at major jazz competitions - Grand Prix at Jazz nad Odra 2013 Jazz Contest, 1st prize of "Bielska Zadymka 2010” Jazz Contest (with "The Outbreak Quartet") and individual prize at "Krokus Jazz Festival" in 2009. He also made a number of records including his original compositions as co-leader: “K.R.A.N.”, “Last Call”, “Quintet feat. Anders Mogensen”, “Entrails United”, and finally Trouble Hunting, top rated avant-garde recording with an international sextet exclusively with own compositions.“It is astonishing for such a young artist with what ease he is able to give the mature form to his projects. Seen from this perspective "Trouble Hunting" is kind of musical kaleidoscope through which we look onto whole history of jazz from bop and fusion to modern experiments of avant and free jazz” from Polish Jazz Blog, by M. Nowotny.

In addition to being a well-functioning saxophonist, Tomasz is active on other artistic fields as well. Together with Kaja Cykalewicz, painter and graphic designer they run an experimental recording studio “Tamtedy Studio”, that specialises in multimedia art. Their installation “Hand Crank” was shown at opening of Brussels Design September 2015 on an exhibition entitled “Art In The Box”. He is also active educator - founded and leads Pomeranian Youth Big Band and lectures at The Art Academy in Szczecin.

Tomasz Licak has been a hyper-productive artist, who always looks for new inspirations and journeys into the unknown and despite the fact that the base of his musicianship lies strongly in jazz, efficiently and with passion moves in many styles from avant-garde improv through beats to instrumental progressive rock. His passion both in playing and composition is the surprise and curiosity, which allows being constantly inspired and send a steady stream of creative energy to the world.
Tomasz Licak
+48 503 131 687
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